Vehicle Misrepresentation Policy

Hiway believes in providing amazing experiences to our Users, and a safe environment for our peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. The best way to build a positive experience for Users is for Providers to keep their vehicles legally registered and to be honest about their condition and features. Describing a vehicle as having a feature that it does not have or not disclosing any issues or damages that it does have, is considered vehicle misrepresentation.

For this reason, we ask that all Providers accurately describe their vehicle’s year, make, model, condition, and features when listing their vehicle and before each Reservation. Failure to do so may result in a fine of $100* and loss of Providers earnings for affected trip(s). Learn more about our Fees and Fines Policy.


Actions or activities that constitute vehicle misrepresentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Listing a vehicle with the wrong year, make, or model.
  • Not accurately photographing and disclosing pre-existing damages.
  • Listing features or functionalities that are not available on the vehicle (AWD, A/C, roof rack, etc).
  • Providing a vehicle with inaccurate or expired registration or registration that will expire during a Reservation.
  • Providing a vehicle without proper documentation or insurance.
  • Listing a vehicle with the wrong trim package.
  • Re-listing or re-enabling vehicle(s) that were removed by Hiway for safety, mechanical, claims-related, cosmetic, or other policy violations.
  • Listing a vehicle with 75,000 miles/kilometres or more.
  • Charging unreasonable or unnecessary incidental fees (tickets and tolls, cleaning, etc).

The misrepresentation of a vehicle either by listing, advertising, photos, messaging, text, or by phone will result in a fine plus any applicable fees to be determined by Hiway. This also pertains to the intentional submission of a claim that is for pre-existing damage (whether the claimed damage is fully or partially pre-existing). Engaging in vehicle misrepresentation may result in removal from Hiway peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. You can read more about material misrepresentation.

All amounts are in USD.