Our partners

All of our cars on hiway are owned and operated by small fleet owners and local businesses. Every partner has been vetted by us before joining hiway, and we work closely with them to make sure everyone using hiway gets the best service possible.

Local and proud.

In the age of automated apps, we think a human touch matters. By partnering with local businesses, we’re dedicated to helping grow local communities and economies.


We’re always scouting for reliable and trustworthy local partners. If we approach a local car business to become a partner, we do our research by interviewing them, learning about their fleet, and getting to know how they operate to ensure it meshes well with what we offer on hiway.

When businesses approach us, they must go through the same interview and vetting process so we can make sure they’ll fit in. Everyone providing cars on hiway has to meet our criteria for safety, reliability, and quality of service.

All vehicles are owned and operated by hiway partners. If there are damages or disputes that happen on a hiway trip, we help manage the process, but our partners are ultimately responsible for the vehicles being rented out.