Material Misrepresentation Policy

What is material misrepresentation?

Material misrepresentation is when false or misleading information is submitted by a host Provider in an effort to obtain coverage for a damage, smoking, or cleaning claim, or reimbursement for incidental requests that would have otherwise been denied due to any of the exclusions outlined under our Terms of Service or Insurance Summary.

Any material misrepresentation will result in a denial of your request or claim, a fine of $10 per our Fees and Fines Policy, and potential removal of you or your vehicle from Hiway’s peer-to-peer marketplace.


Below are some examples of material misrepresentation (this list is not all-inclusive):

  1. Submitting damage claims for pre-existing damage.
  2. Altering any damage to cause the damage to be larger than our limitations for wear and tear as shown in our Insurance Summary, or altering any photos to cause the damage to appear to be larger than wear and tear.
  3. Submitting falsified, inaccurate, fake, or staged photographs, documentation, estimates, receipts, or invoices.
  4. Altering invoices, receipts, or documentation for damage claims or reimbursement requests.
  5. Submitting recycled or reused invoices, documentation, or photographs for reimbursement or incidental requests.

Additionally, the submission of any falsified or altered documents for the purpose of providing evidence will result in a fine plus any applicable fees to be determined by Hiway and may result in removal from Hiway’s peer-to-peer marketplace. This also pertains to the intentional submission of a claim that is for pre-existing damage (whether the claimed damage is fully or partially pre-existing).

All amounts are in USD.